About Emerging by Kinan

Emerging expresses Emergence Art which is a collaborative experience guided by mutual inventiveness of it’s participants.

We come together to delight in the unknown.

Alberto Roman: Composition and Poeisis, acoustic guitar, djembe, tambourah, dharbouka, frame drum, bells, cymbals, ocarinas, percussion, shamans rattles, water gourd, Timbres, vocals.

Harold Timms: Acoustic guitar, 6 & 12 string electric guitar, keyboards, water harp, percussion, E-Bow, composition, loops.


Original, new and yet familiar…a great listening experience!


  1. Henrietta Miller

    I really like this. As you stated, it is familiar, very familiar!

  2. Michael

    Do you have a small sample of “Rite To Passage?”

    I just want to make sure this is the right track.

    • Raymond McGrath

      Great sounds. World music in the best sense

  3. Michael Woods McCausland

    Ola! The Collective Consciousness of the Dao is Surging! As The Collective Cooperative Disaster Capitalism being driven by Biological Altruism and a 4000 year journey! To Collectively Determine the Past/Present Trajectory of Humanity as the Demographic Bomb Accelerates, along with the failure to adapt on the whole.
    Shine Bright!
    The Fellow Radiant Visionary Time Jumper’


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