About Sacred Ground by Spirit Keepers

About Sacred Ground 

Native Americans Tom Goodman (Lower Creek) and Danny Bigay (Choctaw) create an enchanted musical journey of new and traditional compositions. Using all hand made instruments, Tom and Danny take the listener on a soulful trip with the sounds of wood and river cane flutes, traditional skin drums and rattles, didgeridoo, rain sticks and chants that evoke a truly moving experience.



‘Sacred Ground’ by Spirit Keepers is a trance journey into contemporary Native American music utilizing traditional native instruments from around the world which expand what listeners think they know about Native sounds. The drums, didgeridoo, rattles, acoustic guitar, voices and flutes blend in seamlessly smooth textures that transport the listener to places they have visited only in dreams. Tom Goodman, Danny Bigay and guest vocalist Linda Holtz have created an entity whose essence can appeal to fans of Native music, yet whose inventiveness can reach new listeners. These recordings are listening experiences in which the spirit comes forward, its presence felt by all who enter into that realm through the portal of music.” -Dan Liss, in the October 1999 issue of New Age Voice –Dan Liss, in the October 1999 issue of New Age Voice

‘Sacred Ground’ offers us deep and ancient sounds, being a magical and a mystical album. It brings the listeners to the roots, in contact with the holy ancestors…” -Sergiu Rusu at Radio Arad, Romania –Sergiu Rusu at Radio Arad, Romania

“Spirit Keepers – ‘Sacred Ground’ – An excellent mix of sounds that evoke feelings of serenity, peace, and cultural heritage. Spirit Keepers is one of the new contemporary Native American groups that crosses the plateau of sounds and enters the heart of North American indigenous music.” -Mark Jayne, host of “Nightbreeze” at KCCK, Cedar Rapids, IA –Mark Jayne, host of “Nightbreeze” at KCCK


  1. Reggie Fokes

    I bought this cd a long time ago. It’s beautiful.


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