About Reaching In by Todd Haygood

Todd’s debut release with Intuitive Sound is an amazing journey on solo acoustic guitar. Todd Haygood’s musical expression on solo acoustic guitar gives the listener an exciting yet soothing experience through his mastery of the instrument.

The pure sound of wood and strings is combined with Todd’s soulful original compositions and intricate technique and style. Recording the entire album with single takes and no overdubs, Todd creates rich melodies and rhythmic spaces that at times sound like several musicians playing at the same time.

Original, new and yet familiar…a great listening experience!


Todd Haygood – “One guitar, One take……It doesn’t get anymore sincere than that. Todd Haygood is a real acoustic alchemist on “Reaching In”. Beautiful – A must for any lover of acoustic music.”

Really liked it – was very relaxing, beautiful. THANKS!

Best Regards, Alice
–Alice Hill, Program Director, WELY – Ely, MN

“……the kind of guitarist who holds my full attention and
rewards me fully.” “This is the sound of complete satisfaction
and aliveness for a guitar lover like me”
“When I heard Haygood, I was reminded why I love
acoustic guitar so much” “The sort of album one is glad to have waited for, knowing it will shine for a long time. ”
–Carla Van Dyk “The Sound Alternative” WDVR Sergeantsvillle, NJ

“Do you feel a bit “over-synthesized” lately? Had enough space music? Do you long for pure, natural acoustic guitar? Then Todd Haygood is your man! His CD, “Reaching In”, is a warm, intimate collection of acoustic guitar solos. These are songs for quiet evenings by the fire, rainy day painting at your easel, writing in your journal. The music takes you inside yourself; maybe that’s what he means by “Reaching In.” But just in case you get too settled, Haygood changes the pace with some fiery solos like “Light of Night,” and “Open Space” has the most imaginative staccato licks, highly evocative of flamenco guitar. My favorite has to be the enchanting “Hyde,” which has the sort of haunting melody that lingers in your head all day. (And no, there is no “Jeckyll!”) “Three Things” speaks wordlessly to the heart, and all of the songs convey a deeply spiritual, personal message that can only be said through the language of music. If you want to reconnect to music that is pure, personal expression between musician and instrument, listen to Todd Haygood’s Reaching In.”
–Kathryn Sargent – Aquarius Magazine – May 2000

His playing is hypnotically rhythmic, technically dazzling
and most importantly of all, beautifully melodic.
I especially enjoyed “Open Space,” “Grey,” “Yearling” and “Reaching In.” This is a fine recording that all fans of the guitar will want to add to their collection.
–Dave Higgs WPLN-FM, Nashville

In this age of layered, multi-tracked, and over dubbed
recordings I recently received a gem. “Reaching In”, by guitarist Todd Haygood, his debut release on Intuitive Sound Productions, is a solid reminder of the palette of sounds available to one artist with one instrument. Intricate, emotionally involving and deftly played passages are but the tip of the bountiful cornucopia of acoustic
guitar mastery that awaits the listener in Todd’s music.
–BEAR Host/Producer of the New Age Sampler WWSP Stevens Point WI


  1. Gus Mancini

    Awesome Todd love ya brother !

  2. Cordia

    I truly enjoy your unique, full of energy, and extremely addictive 🎶 🎵 🪕 thank you 🙌🕯♥️🕯


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